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"Lea is diligent, curious, exacting, deeply musical, a wonderful colleague to her peers, and a nurturing yet firm mentor to her students. Her natural inclination to leadership, organizational skills, musical instincts, ear, and genuine enthusiasm for her craft give her all the makings of a first-rate music educator."

-Dr. Ryan Dudenbostel

Director of Orchestral Studies

Western Washington University


“It was immediately clear during our first rehearsal together that Lea was musically engaged on a significantly higher level than virtually anyone else in the orchestra. Over the past several years, I’ve been pleased to mentor her as she continues her musical journey. Since that time, she has often emailed me video of her work in both rehearsal and performance to review and critique, and we’ve had a significant number of long-distance lessons via Skype. Through all these interactions, she has proven herself to be inquisitive, open to constructive criticism, and eager to learn, grow, and improve. She no doubt has a very promising future ahead of her!”

-Dr. Brett Mitchell

Artistic Director & Conductor

Sunriver Music Festival


“Lea is a fantastic collaborator and a great musician! She provided an assured and reliable presence in the orchestra. Lea’s attentiveness made the orchestra pit feel like a chamber music recital. She was always tuned in and listening. I look forward to working with her again!”

-Dr. James Brown

Opera Conductor and Chair of Vocal Studies

Pacific Lutheran University


"I have seen Lea's musicianship as a violinist to be stellar. She has already developed a strong reputation in the Pacific Northwest music community. Her musical intuitiveness while directing student ensembles is both appropriate and mature. Lea’s conducting is very clear and easy to follow. In front of any ensemble, the students have taken to her almost immediately. They love working with her and I can see that this will most likely translate well with any groups she directs in the future."

-Christine Gero

Orchestra Teacher

Roosevelt High School


“Lea is a responsible, musical, sensible, and spirited colleague who invariably adds luster to whatever project on which we're collaborating.”

-Adam Stern

Music Director 

Seattle Philharmonic & Sammamish Symphony


“I love having Lea as a violin tutor. She teaches in a positive and engaging way. We always have a fun time with a lot of laughter, but I also learn a lot every lesson. She is very patient with me and I can tell my violin skills are steadily improving. She is a great teacher and friend, and I would recommend her to anyone who wants to become a great violinist.”


Former Student

Bellevue, WA


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